Good Things

A few favorite things from the year:

Dried flowers are nice ’n low maintenance and (gently) remind me of being a '90's teen. A little goes a really long way and you can forget them all over the house. Find bunches of flowers-that-dry-well at most supermarkets (try Babies Breath, lavender, German Statice, and varieties of thistle). 

I believe it when they say knitting reduces stress, builds confidence, and brings people together—among other wonderful things. I do it almost every single day. KnitPicks is one of my favorite spots to grab starter kit gifts, materials, and tools. 

Too many pens isn't a real thing. Even if I can't get to everything on my to-do list, these Pentel Sign Pens make it pretty fun to write and they're not too pricey. 

Found this little scissor necklace at a local shop. Scooped it up to remind me that it's ok to say "no" to things sometimes. And, buying a real physical thing, in a neighborhood store run by someone you smile at and talk to, is fun.