Yeah, So, Hi

I've been inducted into the website relaunch club. The one where you get all jazzed about putting up a new version of your site, and declare—nay, vow—to write more. Blog more! Write every day and who cares what you write, just write! 

And then you realize you need to work at it. To learn how to get to "good" writing.

Kind of like meditation. You don't just go straight to being yogi and sit quietly ("resist the urge to fidget" but god, I love fidgeting) for twenty minutes at a time. You cultivate it. Like the breath. You start with 60 seconds. Or go to class and pretend to do it for five minutes, but really do it for 90 seconds and spend the rest of the time thinking about things. All the things.

Hopefully the trick is in the trying. Practicing. Breathing. Writing. 

I'll spend some time practicing here, and maybe on paper. But I'll be back.