Pants, Getting 'em Scared Off

Last week I started a new job. It's not just any job, it's one I've been dying to do. About a month ago, I decided to leave my post and the amazing people I'd worked with at National Geographic for an opportunity to work with the crazy-talented folks at A Book Apart. I knew it would be a significant change in my career—one that offers the exact right set of conditions for me to grow and thrive, and support a process and people I believe in. One that scares the pants off me.

When I became the manager of a team of photo editors and producers a few years ago, the job frankly started out as a survival game. Everything from transitioning off of my own projects, to managing other people's time and efforts, to figuring out how to be a good leader and a caring boss, seemed overwhelming at best. I bit my fingernails. A lot. (It's a thing, stay with me)

For this I am grateful because I needed it. The truth is, I had become a bit complacent in moving past just getting better. I need to get great. I have loads of excuses and none of them matter now, because being uncomfortable is the best way to find out that you have the guts to not only go after something and take it on, but to deliver on a challenge in a way you never thought possible.

I will fall down, I will worry late at night and I will bite my nails. I will also succeed and get great for myself, and for those people I believe in. And, I will hopefully be wearing pants.